S8E16: God of Justice (The Attributes of God pt. 4)


Justice is something that we have been clamoring for in recent times, but oftentimes we find that what we really want is justice for others, and not for ourselves.  In Exodus 20 we find the giving of the Decalogue, what we know of as the Ten Commandments.  These simple rules ought to be easy to follow, and yet we will see that no one in the history of humanity has ever held to this law of God.  In the giving of the law we see the justice of God, for He holds none blameless who do not keep this law.  Yet His justice is satisfied in the sacrifice of Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God, and so in grace we find both justice and mercy served.

Exodus 20:1-20

Recorded at Hudson UMC on October 4, 2020


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