S3E19: The Ebnd of All Things (Advent 2015)


Sermon #142

The word "Advent" comes from a Latin word that means "to draw near."  That is what we are doing with the Advent season, drawing near to the coming of Christ.  But as most of us associate Advent with the first coming of Christ, perhaps the more important focus of the Advent season is the anticipation of Christ's return.  While we don't cower in shadows or hide in sanctuaries impatiently awaiting the second coming of Christ, we are to live our lives prepared for when he does come - and the words of Jesus today in Luke's gospel advise us to do just that.  So as we begin a new liturgical year, let us also draw near in anticipation to the return of Christ.  So grab your Bible, turn it to Luke chapter 21, and prepare your heart and mind as we consider Christ's return and the end of all things.

Luke 21:25-36

Recorded at Hudson UMC on November 29, 2015 (Originally published November 30, 2015)


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