S7E76: GC Talk On Podcasts

This will be the last new podcast episode for Season 7, and Season 8 will begin new in July of 2020. The podcast is now on Spotify, so welcome to all our new listners on the Spotify app. In today's episode I am taking a look at all the podcasts that I listen to for Christian formation. The full list of all the podcasts I mention, with links, is below. I also take time to celebrate the conclusion of seven seasons as a podcaster, and look forward to what's coming next in Season 8.

Recorded June 12, 2020 (Published June 20, 2020)

My Favorite Podcasts (with Links):

Christian Formation

The Bible Recap
Daily (7 Days), 5-10 Minutes

Greg Laurie Podcast
Daily (5 Days), 25 Minutes

Jentezen Franklin Podcast
Weekly, 30-40 Minutes

Hear Spurgeon - Sermon Podcast
Monthly, 45-50 Minutes

5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols
Weekly, 5 Minutes

Christian News/Editorial

The Worldview in 5 Minutes
Daily (5 Days), 5 Minutes (occasional special reports)

The Briefing - Albert Mohler
Daily (5 Days), 20-25 Minutes

Thinking in Public - Albert Mohler:
Weekly-Monthly, 50-60 Minutes

Holy Conversations: The WCA Podcast 
Weekly, 30-40 Minutes

Wretched Radio with Todd Friel
Daily (5 Days), 55 Minutes

Pastoral Podcasts

Pastors' Talk by 9Marks
Weekly, 30 Minutes

Expositor with Dr. Steven J. Lawson
Weekly, 5-10 Minutes



S7E75: The Harvest Is Ready… Are You? (Pentecost 2017)

When Jesus sent the Apostles out, he said to them "Freely you have received. Freely give." When we as Christians consider the fullness of the good news of Jesus Christ, the depths of our sin and how far God reached down to rescue us, how can we not share that good news that we have been given? God paid the price in the blood of Jesus Christ. Shouldn't we, who received this good news without price, give it freely so that others may find peace with God and enjoy eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ?

Matthew 9:35-10:8

Recorded at Hudson UMC on June 18, 2017



S7E74: Tell Someone (Pentecost 2014)

We often talk about the church needing revival, but what does that mean? To revive something is to bring it back to life from the dead. That is what the Holy Spirit did on that first dDay of Pentecost, using the disciples of Jesus to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to Jews from all over the world, so that they would take that news back with them to their villages and cities, wherever they were from. God is asking us today to tell someone the good news, and He sends His Spirit to dwell in us so that we may speak the words of life, in whatever way they need to be heard. I talk about a couple of witness encounters I had just the week prior, and encourage my congregation at Hudson UMC to go out and tell someone, don't keep it to yourself. Revival comes in the church, and the Holy Spirit equips the church to take the good news to the world for an Awakening.

{I love listening to these old sermons, because it takes me back to what was going on in my life at the time. It also helps me to see how far I have come in organizing my sermon messages and developing the ability to END them. This sermon from 2014 tends to meander but the message I preached then is the message I preach today: The gospel saves souls, and we need to share the good news to everyone for the transformation of the world.}

Acts 2:1-21

Recorded at Hudson UMC on June 8, 2014 (Previously unpublished)



S7E73: Justified by Faith

In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul gives us an excellent treatise on the doctrine of grace. We as Christians often talk about God's grace, and we usually describe it as God's unmerited favor, but what does that really mean? And what does John Wesley mean when he talks about Prevenient, Justifying, and Sanctifying Grace? We focus our learning today on the second form of grace, that which we receive at the cross of Jesus Christ - Justifying Grace, and we learn what it means to be saved by Grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Romans 5:1-8

Recorded at Hudson UMC on June 14, 2020



Lectionary Readings for Second Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 6), Year A

June 14, 2020

Old Testament: Genesis 18:1-15, (21:1-7)

Psalter: Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19

Epistle Lesson: Romans 5:1-8

Gospel Lesson: Matthew 9:35-10:8, (9-23)



Guerrilla Christianity (Trailer)

This is the trailer for Guerrilla Christianity.  It provides a brief introduction to the Podcast for those looking for a different kind of Christian podcast.

Recorded June 12, 2020



S7E72: Three in One (Trinity Sunday 2014)

Who is God in three persons? In this message from 2014 I attempt for the first time in my ministry to tackle this deep and difficult question. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is difficult to grasp for many, but it helps us to understand it better if we think about our relationship with a three-personal God, and the three types of Grace that John Wesley spoke of. God the Father loves us before we know who He is; that is His "prevenient" grace. God the Son reconciles us to the Father and pays the debt for our sin; that is His "justifying" grace. God the Holy Spirit dwells in and with us to make us more like Jesus day by day; that is His "sanctifying" grace. On this Father's Day in 2014, we look at the first Person of the Godhead, God the Father, and how He invites us into relationship with Him so that we may cry out "Abba, Father." And by looking at our own relationship with God the Father as our example, we who are fathers can learn from Him how to be better fathers to our children here on earth.

Matthew 28:16-20

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on June 15, 2014 (previously unpublished)



S6E01: Pentecostal Power (Pentecost 2018)

We begin our sixth season of the Guerrilla Christianity podcast with a deeper look at the Holy Spirit. We see the Holy Spirit at work in the pages of the Bible, and we know He is at work in us as believers in Jesus Christ. What exactly does "Pentecostal Power" mean? How can the Holy Spirit of God move in us to bring about glory for God as never seen before? We look at the first Christian Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles in the upper room, and when three thousand people were converted to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Text: Acts 2:1-21

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on May 20, 2018 (originally published on August 8, 2018)



S7E71: Creation’s Song (Trinity Sunday 2020)

On this Trinity Sunday we hear the witness of Scripture as it testifies to the complexity and the fullness of the Godhead, three in one (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). We hear from the creation account in Genesis and in John's gospel how that all three persons of the Trinity were present and active in the act of creation. We hear the witness of Jesus in the Great Commission and in the Farewell Discourse in John's Gospel his own relationship with God the Father and God the Spirit, and his unique position within the Godhead as God the Son. We hear the witness of early Christian fathers as they toil and wrestle with the theology of the tri-unity of God in His fullness. it is a complex and difficult doctrine but one that points to the uniqueness of the Christian understanding of God.

Genesis 1:1-2:4a
Psalm 8
2 Corinthians 13:11-13
Matthew 28:16-20

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on June 7, 2020



Lectionary Readings for Trinity Sunday, Year A

Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020

Old Testament: Genesis 1:1-2:4a

Psalter: Psalm 8

Epistle Lesson: 2 Corinthians 13:11-13

Gospel Lesson: Matthew 28:16-20


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