Lectionary Readings for Day of Pentecost, Year A

Day of Pentecost, May 31, 2020

First Lesson: Acts 2:1-21

Psalter: Psalm 104:24-34,35b

Epistle Lesson: 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13

Gospel Lesson: John 7:37-39



S7E68: Becoming One in Ministry (Awakening/Becoming pt. 6, Easter 2017)

We conclude our "Becoming" series with the final prayer, "By your Spirit, make us one... in ministry to all the world." On the heels of the 2017 Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, it occurs to me that even though we are divided in our theology, we can still be united in our ministry - the ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Christ offered up this prayer to God the Father on the night he was betrayed, that we would be one even as he is one with God the Father. And so we ask the question, even with our deep differences, can we as a denomination truly be one in ministry? And how can we live that out?

John 17:1-11

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on May 28, 2017 (previously unpublished)



S7E67: Don’t Just Stand There (Ascension of the Lord 2014)

When Jesus was taken up into heaven forty days after the resurrection, his disciples were caught flat-footed, staring into the sky. God sent two angels to remind them that there was still work to be done. In other words, don't just stand there, do something. Jesus will come again, but until he does, we are to continue the ministry that he left for us to do - to make disciples of all nations and continue to witness the good news, in our churches, in our neighborhoods, in the places we don't want to go and to people we don't want to save. We are not to simply wait for Jesus' return, we are to do what he commanded us to do.

Acts 1:1-11

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on June 1, 2014 (previously unpublished)



S7E66: Ascended (Ascension of the Lord 2020)

The Ascension of the Lord is a day on the Church calendar that is every bit as important as Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. Why? Because our belief in the ascension (which we affirm every time we recite the Apostles Creed) is what informs our faith that Jesus Christ is alive today and seated at the right hand of God the Father. We have an advocate who is fully man - identifying with us - and fully God - identifying with and of the same will as the Father. There is great promise in this. And so we look at Luke's two accounts of the Ascension, in his Gospel account and in the book of Acts, and we find that belief in the Ascension is every bit as critical as belief in the Resurrection, the virgin birth, and the substitutionary atonement of Christ.

Luke 24:44-53/Acts 1:1-11

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on May 24, 2020



S7E65: GC Live Hymn Sing (May 23, 2020)

We had us a good old-fashioned hymn sing live on Facebook and on Podbean! Below are the hymns we sang by request and the timestamps where you will find them.

00:00 Guerrilla Christianity Intro
00:38 Welcome
01:01 The Promised Land
05:25 When the Roll Is Called up Yonder
08:20 Let There Be Peace on Earth
10:12 Abide With Me
14:42 Nearer, My God, to Thee
18:28 Because He Lives
22:06 Were You There?
27:09 Count Your Blessings
31:38 Make Me a Blessing
36:08 Down In My Heart (I've Got the Joy)
38:40 How Great Thou Art
43:59 To God Be the Glory
47:06 Great Is Thy Faithfulness
50:20 Fairest Lord Jesus
54:13 Here I Am, Lord
58:40 Be Thou My Vision
61:16 Amazing Grace
65:44 In the Garden
68:53 Down In My Heart (again)
71:08 Closing

Recorded at Hudson UMC Parsonage on May 23, 2020

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S7E64: GC Talk - On Kindness

Kindness is something that seems to be sorely lacking in our society today. Over 60% of Americans profess to be Christians, and kindness is listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23, and yet we simply do not seem to have time to be kind to one another. How can we practice kindness when others are unkind to us? And how can we have healthy debates with each other without making enemies over the discussion? We seem to have lost the fine art of debate along with our practice of kindness. With the removal of social filters on the internet we resort to our baser nature, and this is something that we, as Christians, need to steer clear of. We are called to a higher standard of love as followers of Christ.

Recorded via Zoom Meetings on May 22, 2020



S7E63: Becoming One with Each Other (Awakening/Becoming pt. 5, Easter 2017)

Continuing with our "Becoming" series, today we look at how we become one with each other. There are many churches, many different denominations, many different interpretations of God's word, and yet we are all one body of Christ. How is that possible? The common thread that links us together is the Holy Spirit, which dwells in each of us when we are born again. And being indwelt by God's Spirit is not a small thing. Without God's Spirit, we do not know Jesus as savior. The world does not see him as such, and in fact cannot because the world does not have the Spirit of God. And so it is the Holy Spirit which draws us together and makes us one with each other.

John 14:15-21

Recorded at Hudson UMC on May 21, 2017 (previously unpublished)



S7E62: Holy Spirit, Holy Love (Easter 2014)

As Methodists, we believe in a triune or trinitarian God - one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But even though we spend a great deal of time dwelling on and studying the nature of God the Father and God the Son in Jesus Christ, we tend to neglect the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Ghost as some know Him. Yet He is the person of God that dwells in us and with us, who Jesus promised to give to us so that we would not have to face our fears and trials alone. The Holy Spirit instructs us and draws us together as one. From today's reading in John chapter 14, we learn from Christ who this Holy Spirit is, that He is not a disembodied force but an advocate and counselor for us all.

John 14:15-21

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on May 25, 2014 (previously unpublished)



S7E60: Many Hands (What Are You Doing? pt. 5)

Maybe you've heard the old adage, "Many hands make light work." It's true that the more people who are involved in work, the easier the work becomes. It's the same way in ministry. In today's concluding message from our series, "What Are You Doing?" we look at our promise to faithfully participate in the ministries of the local church by our service. And we see how the early church struggled with this, and how a division of labor was needed to take on an important ministry need when it arose. We can learn from their example, and know that it is the responsibility of everyone to do something. But when only a few do everything, ultimately it all remains undone. So what are YOU doing for the local church?

Acts 6:1-7

Recorded at Hudson UMC on May 17, 2020



S2E22: By Our Service (Five Promises pt. 3)

We continue our look at the five promises we make to the local church when we become members, and this week we look at what it means to participate by our service. Our guest speaker Jen Andrade has quite a unique perspective on service, being active in the United Methodist Women and also serving as a missionary in residence to La Palmilla, Mexico. She delivers quite a strong message, based on Jesus' washing of his disciples' feet. So grab your Bible, turn it to John Chapter 13, and join our guest speaker as she tells us what it means to support the church by our service.

John 13:3-15

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on October 19, 2014 (originally published November 1, 2014)


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