S5E15: Mercy! (Riches in Romans pt. 9)

We often talk about God's grace, but what is the difference between grace and mercy? Where is the evidence in the Bible of God's mercy? Is it only a New Testament ideal or is God's mercy demonstrated in the Old Testament as well?

Romans 11:1-2a,29-32

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on August 20, 2017


S5E14: Can You Believe It? (Riches in Romans pt. 8)

If all we have to do to be saved is to confess Jesus as Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead, then why don't more people do it? In fact, if it's that simple, then why isn't the entire world saved already?

Romans 10:5-15

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on August 13, 2017


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