The Time Is Fulfilled (Mark 1:9-15)

On this first Sunday of the Lenten season, we ask the question, why does God make us wait for things he is going to give to us?  After all, he promised the coming messiah through his prophets and then made the people of Israel wait over seven hundred years.  In today's lesson, we get a better understanding of what it means to be in the fullness of time, and how God's timing, while seemingly long to us, is perfect for God's purpose.

Recorded at Hudson UMC on February 22, 2015


Three Pillars (Mark 6:1-6,16-18)

In the Sermon on the Mount as recorded by Matthew, Jesus tells us of how we are to give, pray, and fast.  As Lent begins, we are given an opportunity to spend a little more time with God, deny ourselves for His sake, and give sacrificially that which was given to us by God.  In this context, giving, praying and fasting are seen as the three pillars of Christianity, spiritual disciplines that each Christian ought to engage in.

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on February 18, 2015.


The Glory of the Lord (Mark 9:2-9)

What is the glory of the Lord?  We often talk about God's glory but what is it, really?  We learn in the old testament that God's glory shone from the face of Moses, and his glory dwelt on the mercy seat between the cherubim on the ark of the covenant.  Today we look at the transfiguration of Christ, and how God's glory is revealed in the person of Jesus.

We had no service this day due to inclement weather.  The sermon was recorded at Hudson UMC Parsonage on February 15, 2015.


Why He Came (Mark 1:29-39)

Mark's gospel is a gospel of action.  We are still in the first chapter and we have already seen the baptism of Jesus, casting out demons, the calling of the first disciples and teachings in the synagogues.  In today's reading, we find out a key element of Jesus' ministry as he reveals what it is he came to do.  It's a message that we can take to heart as we go out into the world to be the light of the world and to emulate Christ. 

Recorded at Hudson UMC on February 8, 2015.


The Authority of Christ (Mark 1:21-28)

There was something different in the way that Jesus taught in the synagogue, and the people who heard him knew it immediately.  In today's message we're going to look at how, as the very Word of God, Jesus had perfect authority to speak on God's word, and to speak God's commands to all creation.  And we will also look at what Christ's authority means for us today, and take a hard look at whether we accept his authority, or would rather have the word of God diluted to meet our satisfaction.

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on February 1, 2015.


Leaving Our Nets (Mark 1:14-20)

What does it mean for us today to leave our nets?  The disciples were called by Christ, and the Bible tells us that immediately they left their nets and followed him.  Are we that willing to change everything about our lives to become disciples of Christ, the way these fishermen did so long ago?  Today we will look at what it means to leave our nets, and why we, too, should be fishing for people.

Recorded at Hudson UMC on January 25, 2015


Come and See (John 1:43-51)

Very often we as Christians meet with resistance when we tell others about Jesus Christ.  In today's reading from John, we meet a man named Nathanael who doubted that Jesus from Nazareth could possibly be the messiah.  But his evangelist, Philip, rather than arguing or debating with him said something simple: "Come and see."  In this message delivered to the residents of Pitman Manor, we find that we can learn something from Philip in our dealings with non-believers today.

Recorded at Pitman Manor on January 18, 2015.


Planting Seeds (1 Corinthians 3:1-9)

When we plant a seed, do we sit and watch and wait for it to grow?  And do we expect the seed we planted to yield fruit that day?  We'd go hungry if we expected apples from an apple seed the day we planted it.  Yet so many of us expect immediate results from planting the word in the hearts of men and women.  Today's guest speaker from Gideons International explains how a five dollar Bible can sow a crop with a tremendous yield, and a personal testimony from our pastor illustrates his point perfectly.

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on January 18, 2015.  Guest speaker Carl McGaha of Gideons International.


God’s Son, the Beloved (Mark 1:4-11)

This Sunday is Baptism of the Lord Sunday on the Church calendar, a day when we usher in the ordinary time after Epiphany with the story of Jesus' baptism.  It's an interesting bookend to the Advent season, which we brought in with Isaiah's plea for God to tear open the heavens.  Now, at Jesus' baptism in the Jordan river, we see that prayer fulfilled, and we take the opportunity to renew our own baptismal covenant.

Recorded at Hudson UMC on January 11, 2015.


Arise, Shine! (Isaiah 60:1-6)

God is the source of all light.  So when Jesus calls us the light of the world, he meant that we reflect the light of God in a world of darkness and sin.  But God is the source.  In today's reading, Isaiah says that God's glory will rise upon his people and they will arise and shine in the world, and will attract others out of the darkness.

Recorded at Ebenezer UMC on January 4, 2015

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